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American Government Discussion 250 wordsAnswers 37Homework Assignment


Presidents possess both formal or enumerated and informal or implied  constitutional powers. The enumerated powers are found in Article II of  the U.S. Constitution while the implied powers were developed by one  president or another beginning with Washington to meet a specific need  not addressed in the enumerated powers by the founding fathers and  stated in the constitution.

          Major Formal or Enumerated Powers:

  1. Head of State
  2. Commander in Chief
  3. Chief Diplomat
  4. Chief Legislator
  5. Chief Budget Officer
  6. Emergency Powers
  7. Executive Orders
  8. Executive Privilege
  9. Executive Pardons

    Major Informal or Implied Powers:

  10. The President as Chief of His/Her Political Party
  11. The President’s Power to Persuade

(1) Go to the White House website and explore it. Select the President’s “Schedule” for a date when he has at least four activities listed:  (You will find schedules for several dates below the one for today.).  (2) For each activity you select, specify what formal and, or informal  power/s are being exercised by the president. (3) Then go back to the  Internet and determine why the president is meeting with the leader or  group of people/organization listed in the schedule and briefly explain  why they are meeting – for what purpose).   

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