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Alexander (prefers to be called Alex’) is a 38-yea

Alexander (prefers to be called Alex’) is a 38-year-old recently separated male who is currentlyadmitted to the Hospitals Orthopaedic Ward where he has been a patient for the past 5/52.He was admitted following a motor-vehicle accident where he drove his car into a tree after stormingoff from a major argument with his wife (Eliza) during which she told him that she wanted a divorceand asked him to leave the family home (where he lived with her and their 2 young children aged 7yoPhillip & 5yo Peggy). Alex had been drinking at the time of the argument and recorded a BAL of 0.13when brought into the ED. He sustained 3 fractured ribs, bilateral fractured wrists, internal bleedingand multiple lacerations to his face, arms and hands from broken glass during the accident; heunderwent surgery for his injuries and has been recovering well over the last 5/52.Despite his good progress in recovering from his physical injuries Alex staff have noticed a gradualand consistent deterioration in his mental state; he has been exhibiting symptoms of increasinglysevere depression which has been impacting his overall recovery and his discharge planning.As his Primary Contact Nurse, you are scheduled to review him today in order to support him indeveloping a Recovery Focused Nursing Care Plan (RFNCP) to support Alex’s recovery journey movingforwards.

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