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After reviewing the case, you will be writing a fo

After reviewing the case, you will be writing a formal Case Study Analysis, using the discussion questions below as a guide. Your analysis will be presented in essay form, in a discussion and analysis format, not in question and answer form. A discussion each of the prompts listed below should be included and related to this particular case study. Recommendation: Respond to each prompt separately in separate paragraphs. Case Study Analysis Discussion Guide: Describe the pathophysiology of Congestive Heart Failure. -Differentiate between left and right heart failure. -Identify risk factors and primary causes of CHF. Choose TWO of the diagnostic tools listed below and explain how they are utilized in the diagnosis and/or treatment of CHF. -Imaging Studies, including Radiography, Nuclear medicine, Sonography -Laboratory Studies -Hemodynamic Parameters -Physical Assessment -Cardiac Catheterization Analyze the abnormal vital signs, lab and imaging results which were reported in this Case Study. You do not need to repeat all of these findings, but should summarize and describe how these findings confirm the diagnosis of CHF. In your opinion, does this patient most likely have left-sided, right-sided or total CHF? Describe the medical management of CHF. What is your impression of how this particular case was managed? Discuss possible complications related to this pathology that may affect the patients condition and require medical intervention to ensure patient well-being and safety during medical procedures and after discharge. In completing your Case Study Analysis, be sure to compose accurate and thorough responses to each of the discussion prompts. Summarize the findings of the case study, do not repeat all of the details and results. Include your rationale for any decisions made. Your analysis should be properly formatted using basic APA term paper formatting, with a cover page, formal paragraphs, double-spacing, and a 12 point font. Include a listing of APA formatted references at the end of your paper.

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