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A worldview is the fundamental basis of reality ma

A worldview is the fundamental basis of reality made up of categories, assumptions, and values that provide the lens in which people view the world (Shelly & Miller, 2006). With everyone having their own values, ethics, beliefs, and life experiences,it makes up who we are and are worldviews; however within communities, cultures and families there may be some similarities that are noted. Our personal worldview helps guide us in our decisions and choices on a daily basis which can be seen in the individual’s lifestyle and behaviors. In this paper I will define spirituality, pluralism, scientism and postmodernism, I will also discuss my personal worldview based of off Sire’s seven questions that we need to answer in order to understand the concept of worldview.Spirituality is an individual’s perception on beliefs relating to their connection with others and the meaning of life (What is spirituality, 2015). This definition is very broad because spirituality means something different to each individual. Spirituality doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is participating in religion, but to others they may gain their spirituality through prayer, meditation, quiet time to reflect, or even yoga as this is a way for them to get in touch with that side. Being able to understand spirituality and its importance in a patient’s life is vital to providing holistic care to patients. Spirituality and religion have been pushed aside in the medical field for many years now;patient’s religion or spiritual needs were never addressed in the hospital settings. However, addressing one’s spiritual needs is important in the medical field as spirituality influences individuals worldviews, and by addressing it we can utilize their needs to provide better care. Spirituality has also been shown to decrease mortality, increase patient’s and families’ coping skills, and increase patient recovery times (Puchalski, 2001). There are many reasons spirituality hasn’t been a part of healthcare and nursing and one of those reasons isthe philosophical concepts of postmodernism and scientism. Individuals who believe in scientism only believe true knowledge comes from science and if your knowledge doesn’t come from science then it is false (Foundations, 2015). The aspects of religion, cultural and spirituality are removed with scientism when explaining reality. I believe in certain aspects of science however I do not agree that science is the only source of knowledge or that we evolved over time from something small. Postmodernism is a belief and theory similar to

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