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a). Briefly outline some reasons for the creation

a). Briefly outline some reasons for the creation and adoption of the BWM convention, including economic, environmental and human health issues. [9 Marks]b). How is the discussion and drafting of this convention and others funded? (Who Pays?) [4 Marks]c). What will be the process for turning the BWM Convention into Law in Australia once it is finally ratified by 35% of the world’s shipping tonnage? [10 Marks]d). List at least three technical methods available for minimizing the risks of spreading undesirable/ invasive aquatic organisms from ship’s ballast water. [Any 3 = 9 Marks]e). List at least five (5) system components likely to be required to ensure compliance with BWM regulations. [Any 5 = 10 Marks]f). Is the US Coast Guard (The USA maritime administration) frustrating the IMO’s process for implementation of the BWM convention in your opinion; and if so How? [5 Marks]g). Comment on the likely effectiveness of the IMO G8 guidelines in terms of preventing the spread of invasive species. [10 Marks]h). What is the estimated cost to fit the world’s fleet with BWM equipment according to BIMCO? Where will this money come from? [6 Marks]i). Comment of the risk to a car carrier’s ship’s stability when undertaking ballast water exchange at sea. (Research �Cougar Ace� in 2006) [8 Marks]j). List three methods that the IMO proposes for Port State authorities to monitor ship’s compliance with the BWM Regulations? [Any 3 = 9 Marks]

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