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(3)Desmond Corp purchased 5, $1,000, 5% bonds of G

(3)Desmond Corp purchased 5, $1,000, 5% bonds of Geotherm Corporation when the market rate of interest was 14?% Interest is paid semiannually on the? bonds, and the bonds will mature in four years Using the PV function in Excel , compute the price Desmond paid? (the present? value) on the bond investment(Assume that all payments of interest and principal occur at the end of the period Round your answer to the nearest? cent)Desmond paid $on the bond investment(2)West Side?’s Pizza bought a used Toyota delivery van on January? 2, 2014, for $22,000 The van was expected to remain in service for four years left parenthesis (80,000 miles) At the end of its useful? life, West Side?’s officials estimated that the? van’s residual value would be $2,000The van traveled 32,000 miles the first? year, 28,000 miles the second? year, 15,000 miles the third? year, and 5,000 miles in the fourth yearRequirementsAMake a schedule ofdepreciation expenseper year for the van under the three depreciation methodsBWhich method best tracks the wear and tear on the? van?CWhich method would West Side?’s prefer to use for income tax? purposes? Explain in detail whyWest Side?’s prefers this methodRequirement 1 Make a schedule ofdepreciation expenseper year for the van under the three depreciation methods?(For units-of-production and? double-declining-balance, round to the nearest two decimal places after each step of the calculationFor years with? $0 depreciation, make sure to enter? 0 in the appropriate? column)? Year Straight-Line2014201520162017Total

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