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3-4 pages with references and no plagiarismAnswers 62Homework Assignment

 Assignment Details 

Prepare a written analytical report (3–4 pages) on a juvenile delinquency treatment program in your community or any community of your choice. You were asked by the government to assess the juvenile delinquency program you selected to reform the existing program and perhaps add a few new ones. The government wants to increase reliance on alternatives to incarceration programs, but needs to know if the current program is working. The government is thinking about adding more community programs, counseling, and after-school jobs for older juveniles. Discuss the following:  What is the name of the program you are assessing?   Where is the program located?   Have there been any studies completed on the effectiveness of the program you are reviewing for the assignment? What were the results of these studies? If no studies were done, would this have been informative?   What (if any) positive impact is the program providing for the community and the delinquents?   Will the program help to curb juvenile delinquency? Why?   What are the negative aspects of the program you reviewed?   Give specific suggestions for improving the program ("none" is not an appropriate answer here; there are always manners in which programs can be improved).   Explain your reasoning for supporting or eliminating the program. 

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