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20 question in 45 minutesAnswers 1Homework Assignment

4.  The referendum, initiative, and recall are collectively referred to as _________ democracy.


7.  If California were to be split into two separate states, what is now California would be entitled to more representation in


8.  The initiative process is found



12.  The ______ fought successfully to lessen the role of parties in the California political process.


21.  Prior to the recall of Governor Gray Davis in 2003, the recall in California had been successfully used against several


23.  Comparing the political opinions of members of different ethnic groups shows that


29.  San Francisco recently adopted _____ for city elections.


34.  A comparison of the voting records of Democratic and Republican state legislators shows that





39.  Which of the following firms pioneered the field of campaign management in California?




44.  In the California senate or assembly, passage of a bill requires support of a majority of


45.  Rules governing campaign contributions in California state elections are


46.  Democrats do best among


47.  In California, a line item in the budget can be ______ through the governor's item veto.



51.  Reorganization plans of the governor





58.  Regional Councils of Governments? (COGs) principal function is


59.  San Francisco is unique in California in that





65.  If the U.S. and California constitutions contain the same or similar language on a given subject





69.  Proposition 13 (passed in 1978) reduced ______ taxes.





71.  The state of California has a __________ form of government.





73.  School districts in California get most of their money from






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