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15.66An organization dedicated to ensuring fairnes

15.66An organization dedicated to ensuring fairnessin television game shows is investigatingWheel ofFortune. In this show, three contestants are requiredto solve puzzles by selecting letters. Each contestantgets to select the first letter and continues selectinguntil he or she chooses a letter that is not in the hid-den word, phrase, or name. The order of contestantsis random. However, contestant1 gets to start game1, contestant 2 starts game 2, and so on. The con-testant who wins the most money is declared thewinner and he or she is given an opportunity to wina grand prize. Usually, more than three games areplayed per show, and as a result it appears that con-testant1 has an advantage: contestant 1 will starttwo games, whereas contestant 3 will usually startonly one game. To see whether this is the case, a ran-dom sample of30 shows was taken and the startingposition of the winning contestant for each show wasrecorded. These are shown in the following table:Starting position123Number of wins14 10 6Do the tabulated results allow us to conclude thatthe game is unfair?

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