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1000 words argument essayAnswers 35Homework Assignment

Assignment #1 — Argumentative Essay (25%) In this assignment, you will write a brief argumentative essay of 4-5 (double-spaced, 12 point font) pages on a topic of your choice that relates to the ecological and/or strength-based perspective in historical or contemporary CYC. In this paper, you will: state and defend a thesis and, make reference to at least THREE 100A course readings, and at least TWO additional academic articles relating directly to your argument. This paper is intended to extend your critical thinking and writing skills. Through your readings, research, and class discussions, you have been exposed to a variety of CYC topics, as well as to a number of current debates within the CYC field. While you may be new to CYC, you probably find that you are beginning to develop your own opinions on some of the topics you have read about and discussed. This assignment gives you a chance to develop and defend a thesis on a CYC topic or debate of your choice in a brief argumentative essay. For this assignment, you can choose any topic that relates to historical or contemporary CYC. In choosing your topic and in developing your thesis, remember to stay focused: you only have room to state and defend a very specific thesis effectively. As you work on this assignment, use the research and writing skills covered in class. Your paper will include:  A brief introductory paragraph in which you describe the relevant background for your topic;  In-text citation of at least THREE relevant 100A course readings;  In-text citation of at least TWO additional academic articles leading to your thesis statement;  Two or three paragraphs minimum in which you defend your thesis statement with 2-3 key arguments;  Describe the implications of your thesis and arguments for CYC practice;  A brief concluding paragraph in which you paraphrase your thesis statement succinctly;  References page in APA format.

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