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10.10 The Computer Anxiety Rating Scale (CARS) mea

10.10 The Computer Anxiety Rating Scale (CARS) measures an individual’s level of computer anxiety, on a scale from 20 (no anxiety) to 100 (highest level of anxiety). Researchers at Miami University administered CARS to 172 business students. One of the objectives of the study was to determine whether there is a difference in the level of computer anxiety experienced by female and male business students. They found the following: SELF Test a = 0.05. 3.75 0.65 1.92 0.60 1.53 4.23 0.08 1.48 1.65 0.72 7.55 3.75 0.10 1.10 0.60 0.52 3.30 2.10 0.58 4.02 1.02 0.53 0.93 1.60 0.80 1.05 6.32 3.93 5.45 0.97 1.48 1.75 0.78 2.85 0.52 1.60 4.15 3.97 1.48 3.10 Phone Males Females X 40.26 36.85 S 13.35 9.42 n 100 72 Source: Data extracted from T. Broome and D. Havelka, Determinants of Computer Anxiety in Business Students, The Review of Business Information Systems, Spring 2002, 6(2), pp. 916. a. At the 0.05 level of significance, is there evidence of a difference in the mean computer anxiety experienced by female and male business students? b. Determine the p-value and interpret its meaning. c. What assumptions do you have to make about the two populations in order to justify the use of the t test?

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