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1. Suppose we create 250 GB of new data each week

1. Suppose we create 250 GB of new data each week that needs tobe analyzed and we have 8 local servers for that processing. Acomputer the speed of one EC2 instance takes 2 hours per GB toprocess the new data. a. How long will it take us to process each week’s datalocally? b. How much would it cost to process the data locally assumingeach server hour costs $4.50. c. How many cloud compute instances would we need to completethe analysis in one hour? d. How much does the computation cost to process the data withour cloud provider assuming that each server hour of compute timecosts $0.075? e. How much does the transfer fees cost to move the data to thecloud provider assuming that each GB will cost $0.10 totransfer? f. How long will it take to transfer the full 250 GB. of data tothe cloud provider assuming that they can sustain an average of 20Mbs/second? g. How much will it cost to process each week’s data in thecloud? h. Compare the processing time and overall cost and make arecommendation as to whether or not this process should be moved tothe cloud provider. . . .

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