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1.  Discussion ForumCompare the various motivations for es

1.  Discussion ForumCompare the various motivations for establishing the colonies. How well did the colonies achieve their original purpose or have to adapt to unexpected situations in the New World? Give specific examples from a few of the different colonies. For example, what motivated colonists to settle in Jamestown, Plymouth, Rhode Island or Philadelphia? How did the colonies interact differently with the American Indians? What impact did settlement patterns have on colonial growth and cohesion? Do you see any connection between the settlement patterns and later when the colonies rebelled against Britain?2. Module 2: Critical ThinkingUsing Indentured Servants for Labor (paper)Labor in colonial America was scarce. Write a paper explaining the development of using indentured servants for labor in the colonies. Below are some of the items you may include: Indentured servants, beginning and decline of this labor type Changes, problems, and issues with indentured servant labor Unintended consequences of using indentured servants.Directions: Your paper should be two pages long, not including the required References page. Format your paper according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Your paper should include at least four paragraphs with an introduction, a body with at least three fully developed paragraphs, and a conclusion. It should contain a fully developed and supported thesis statement.  Include a minimum of two academic sources (journal articles, books, etc.) other than the textbook for the course.

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