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1. Courses I Am Taking This Quarter – List the two course

1. Courses I Am Taking This Quarter – List the two courses that you are taking this quarter. Include the number and name of each course, whether it is hybrid or fully online and the name of your instructor. 2. Link outcomes from my Second course to My Workplace – List the detailed course outcomes (as found in your first submission this quarter) for your second course. For each of the listed outcomes, describe specific (to your workplace/job) examples where what you’re learning in the course applies to your job and how you will implement what you’re learning within your current position. To reiterate, these must be SPECIFIC to YOU and YOUR JOB.3. Applying Work Experiences to My Second Course – For your second course, repeat the pervious section.4. Work Proposal – Briefly (as in a few paragraphs) describe a process change, procedural innovation, or another enhancement that you would propose to your employer based on what you’ve learned in this quarter’s courses. You should clearly explain how this proposal relates to at least one of your current courses’ outcomes. This must be SPECIFIC to YOU and YOUR JOB.5. References – (Minimum 3 references). The reference list must be in proper APA format. All references must be cited WITHIN the text of the paper (in proper APA format) showing exactly where the specific reference applies. Simply listing references without in-text citations showing the applicability of a specific reference isn’t sufficient. The references can be used to support the work proposal, further demonstrate the linkage between course outcomes and workplace duties, etc. At least two of the references must be peer-reviewed journals. Textbooks are not considered scholarly sources for this i’m taking is 1) Information Systems Security 2) Project Management.

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