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1.27 A sample of 62 undergraduate students answere

1.27 A sample of 62 undergraduate students answered the following survey: 1. What is your gender? Female ______ Male ______ 2. What is your age (as of last birthday)? ______ 3. What is your current registered class designation? Freshman ______ Sophomore ______ Junior ______ Senior ______ 4. What is your major area of study? Accounting ______ Computer Information Systems ______ Economics/ Finance ______ International Business ______ Management ______ Retailing/Marketing ______ Other ______ Undecided ______ 5. At the present time, do you plan to attend graduate school? Yes ______ No ______ Not sure ______ 6. What is your current cumulative grade point average? ______ 7. What is your current employment status? Full time ______ Part time ______ Unemployed ______ 8. What would you expect your starting annual salary (in $000) to be if you were to seek full-time employment immediately after obtaining your bachelor’s degree? ______ 9. For how many social networking sites are you registered? ______ 10. How satisfied are you with the food and dining services on campus? ______ 1234567 Extremely Neutral Extremely unsatisfied satisfied 11. About how much money did you spend this semester for textbooks and supplies? ______ 12. What type of computer do you prefer to use for your studies? Desktop ______ Laptop ______ Tablet/notebook/netbook ______ 13. How many text messages do you send in a typical week? ______ 14. How much wealth (income, savings, investment, real estate, and other assets) would you have to accumulate

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