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· Use one word file to answer all questions. Use a bold he

· Use one word file to answer all questions. Use a bold heading with each chapter number such as Chapter 1.   Under that heading, write your answer to the questions for Chapter 1.· Answers must use correct spelling and grammar.· Paragraphs must be used.  Answers should require more than one paragraph.  New paragraphs are used when a new thought or idea is introduced.· You must use sources other than the textbook.· If you are getting your ideas from somewhere other than yourself, include that information in the answer.  For example, ‘According to NPR, robots are being used 50% more in operating rooms in 2017 than in 2016.’· At the end of each answer, include your sources.   You must include every website/url you got information.· Use APA or MLA format for citing your sources.  Show within the body of the answer where you are citing a source and at the end of each question include a full Works Cited for that answer.· Submit ONE Word file with answers to all four chapters. · Below are the 4 questions that has to be answered. Do not forget to give reference in APA or MLA format.

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